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Da Terra means .

It was born based on the idea of where we came from, our roots. It’s the relationship with the soil, the water, the wildlife, the knowledge and the people that bring us together.

Home of international chefs Rafael Cagali and Paulo Airaudo, Da Terra offers an elegant and relaxed dining experience in the heart of Bethnal Green.

Corn feed Chicken, yolk, onion brioche

Atlantic Cod, Cabbage, Beurre Blanc

Da Terra opens in London to grow and evolve in its everyday growing -even more so- gastronomy culture; to show the roots of its Chefs, Paulo Airaudo and Rafael Cagali and to amaze their guests with a new proposal full of flavour and originality. After 8 months, and followed by a very hard work and dedication, it gains its first Michelin Star. The two chefs met when they were in the kitchen of The Fat Duck, and now come together to serve Latin American inspired flavours with an Italian heart, roots of Airaudo and Cagali.

Sardines, Beetroot, Creme Fraiche

Our approach is to maximise the guest experience in making sure they feel as if they are invited into our homes for a meal in a casual, relaxing atmosphere.

da terra bar
da terra bar
da terra bar
Paulo Airaudo

Chef Paulo Airaudo was born in Argentina to a family of Italian immigrants. Since the age of 18 he has worked around the world, including in Mexico, Peru and in a number of European countries. In Europe he gained experience in legendary restaurants such as Arzak in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck in London and Magnolia in Italy. In April 2017, he opened Amelia, in San Sebastian, gaining after only six months opened, its first Michelin Star.

Rafael Cagali

Originally from São Paulo in Brazil with an Italian background, Rafael started his career in London at the age of 21. Moving then to Italy to work under Chef Stefano Baiocco at A Villa Feltrinelli where he spent over 3 years. Growing in his career he decided to go to Spain to work for Chef Quique Dacosta and Martin Berasategui.

From there, he returned back to England to join The Fat Duck by Heston Blumenthal to then opening Fera at Claridges. Leading the Aulis in Fera, Rafael carried on with Simon Rogan as head chef of Aulis.

Da Terra is a part of Amelia Group